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Past credit experience which shows delinquent payments, lawsuits, collection and bankruptcy is most definitely UNFAVORABLE on your credit report. Even with several other open accounts in good standing, the unfavorable information can be a cause of credit DENIAL when applying for new credit.

Incorrect and unverifiable information can be removed legally with the assistance of the credit reporting agency on whose files the unfavorable information appears. To do this you must contact the respective agency and tell them that you wish to dispute the particular information that you feel is injurious to your credit history. Legally, they must write for confirmation of the information to the source that is reporting it. If NO CONFIRMATION is received by the agency within 14 days... the information in question MUST BE DELETED from your file! - and an updated credit report will be mailed to you for verification!

Utilizing this method will eliminate most of the unfavorable information on your credit file, particularly that which is more than one year old, or if the disputed amount is under $500. Any remaining information after the first attempt can usually be removed by subsequent attempts, at one month intervals. Remember, keep on trying over and over again - PERSISTENCE DOES PAY OFF!

If there is any unfavorable information remaining on your credit file, you should add a statement to your file that DISPUTES this information. Remember, the credit agencies MUST add such a statement, PROVIDING YOU REQUEST IT! If possible, you may resolve the problem with the creditor in question. If so, have the creditor contact the credit agency FOR YOU.